Creating a Healthier Future: The Role of Avaada Foundation in Healthcare

The Avaada Foundation is a prominent philanthropic organization in India that aims to improve healthcare in rural areas where access to health is scarce. Its endeavours have had a positive impact on numerous individuals and are gradually transforming healthcare for the better.

Addressing Healthcare Disparities

The Avaada Foundation helps address healthcare inequalities by establishing centres and organizing health camps in remote areas. This ensures vulnerable populations have access to basic healthcare and life-saving treatments.

Here are some health-related initiatives:

  • The Medicare Centre

In Majholi village, a well-equipped 1 Medi-center is successfully serving project-affected residents. Our centres serve about 20 patients per day on average. These services are provided free. On average, 4000 patients have benefited from the MCC’s facilities since its inception. Residents of 15 villages near the project site avail our services.

  • Ambulance Services

The Ambulance is fully equipped and free of charge, and it is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for emergencies and casualties. The ambulance service has benefited 268 patients from 11 villages. This service is free for project participants.

  • Health camps

For the project-affected residents of the project site’s outlying village, regular medical health check-up camps, both general and speciality, are organised. For instance, at Kothi village, we planned a weekly general camp. 20 health camps were organised between June and November 2011. There were three health camps for students. More than 1500 patients, mostly kids, were examined in these camps. For those impacted by the project and nearby residents, these services were free.

  • Healthy Competition

Avaada Foundation organizes health camps in villages to examine the health of people and award people with good health. Such initiatives help to spread awareness among people. Competitions for healthy babies were held in four project-affected villages. During the Healthy Baby Competition, 585 kids from 4 villages (Chhatai – 305, Majholi – 80, Majhtoliya – 98, and Umarda – 102) were diagnosed. The first indicator in this programme was the vaccination status, milestone, cleanliness, hygiene, and clothing, as well as the mother’s awareness of the child’s health.

  • Veterinary Services

In ten remote villages, a veterinarian attends to patients in person and over the phone. Animal health services have been used by a total of 1985 cattle from 513 families in the villages of Umarda, Majhtoliya, Chhatai, Majholi, Kothi, Tarsili, Bhatadand, Bhalmundi, Pakhariya, and Chandrauthi.


The Avaada Foundation is making a significant impact on countless lives through various healthcare programs in rural areas. We work dedicatedly to create a healthier future. As communities unite to support their efforts, we move toward a world that is healthier, happier, and more equitable.