India has a vast health care system but still faces differences in quality of health between the rural and urban people. Nutrition imbalance is commonly seen in India. With the highest score of Global hunger, India suffers a dangerous level of malnutrition and hunger.

Some of the significant initiative taken in terms of health are provided below:

  • MediCare Centre

A well-equipped 1 Medi-center is operating successfully for project-affected people at Majholi village. On average, 20 patients per day utilize the services of our centers. These services are free of charge. From the starting of the MCC average, 4000 patients are benefited from our facilities. People of 15 villages nearby our project site utilize our services.

  • Ambulance Service

Fully equipped, free of cost, Ambulance is available 24X7 for emergencies /casualties. Total 268 patients from 11 villages are benefited from the ambulance service. This service is free for project-affected people.

  • Heath Camps

Periodic Medical Health check-up camps, both General and Specialty, are being organized for the project affected people of periphery village of the project site. We have scheduled a weekly general camp at Kothi village. A total of 20 health camps were organized from June to November 2011. Three school-level health camps have been scheduled. These camps examined more than 1500 patients/ Children. These services are free for project-affected and peripheral people.

  • Healthy Competitions

Healthy Baby and Baby Shower Competitions were organized in 4 Project affected villages dated 2nd, 3rd, 6th, and 8th June 2011. A total of 585 children of 4 villages (Chhatai – 305, Majholi – 80, Majhtoliya – 98 & Umarda – 102) were diagnosed during the Healthy Baby Competition. In this program, five indicators were set to measure the health status of these children; the 1st indicator was the nourishment status of vaccination, milestone, cleanness, hygiene and clothing, and awareness of the mother regarding the health of the child. Twenty-one women from 3 villages (Umarda – 6, Majhtoliya– 3 & Chhatai -12) participated in the baby shower competition. Women were given/ gifted with a Sari, Bangles & other makeup items.

  • Veterinary Services

A veterinarian performs his duties daily and on a phone call in 10 villages of the periphery area. A total number of 1985 cattle from 513 families of 10 villages, namely Umarda, Majhtoliya, Chhatai, Majholi, Kothi, Tarsili, Bhatadand, Bhalmundi, Pakhariya, and Chandrauthi has accessed animal health services.

Our Impact

We at avaada foundation promote many health programmes to help the society with the spirit of nation-building.

Villagers have benefitted from health awareness camps
14K +
Villagers received emergency aid through ambulance services
9K +

There are many children who die on yearly basis due to malnutrition or undernutrition. Approx. 40% of food produced in India get lost or waste. Millions of people across India are facing malnutrition which ultimately affect their ability to live healthy and productive life. Avaada Foundation address various health problems face by poor children or low communities due to the malnutrition and effectively focused on special needs of the community by helping them in enhancing their overall health.

To make India healthy and malnutrition free, Avaada Foundation pledge to increase productivity through proper improved nutrition and health of the children, women and families. We at Avaada Foundation promote many health programmes to help the society with the spirit of nation-building. our main focus is to improve the nutrition and ensure the healthy Lifestyle, we also take care of the nutrition of a pregnant woman, so that every New born child get the right to start their life with the healthy and correct nutrition right after the birth. Along with providing and promoting nutrition, we have initiated many programs that spread nutrition awareness and the knowledge for benefits of having a healthy diet. As a helper of the society, we are on the mission to provide responsible services to the society which will create a good nutrition for all the communities in India and hence ensure a better and sustained business for us.