About Avaada Foundation

As per the Indian scriptures, every human being is born into five important debts. These debts are of our ancestors (PitraRin), community and culture (NriRin), gods and sages, (Deva Rin, Rishi Rin), and to nature at large (BhutaRin). These are Karmic Debts of every human on this Earth that leads to the path of salvation.

Avaada Foundation is a name that stands for a PROMISE With our strong beliefs and network, we believe we can support the government to solve multiple development challenges that are obstructing India’s evolution.

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Women skilled at Nav Kiran
stitching & Tailoring Centre
Saplings planted across
the country
1 Lakh+
Students benefited by installing solar rooftop system on school rooftops

Villagers have access
to clean drinking water
Villagers have benefitted from
health awareness camps
Villagers received emergency aid through ambulance services

Healthy Baby
Blanket distribution
to needy people
Students benefited through our library & recreation centre

Teaching Learning Playing
materials support
Student benefiting through our smart/e learning support
Beautician training

Sustainable Development
is the Goal.

We are dedicated to shaping a future that transcends geographical challenges. We proactively address emerging needs at their foundational level, embracing them through our comprehensive development approach, thus fostering social progress. Our foundation's core mission is to offer opportunities that enable individuals to lead healthy, joyful lives.


Our Initiatives



Strategizing and implementing the scalable model with skill aiming skill development and employment formation to empower women.

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Overcoming the inequalities to access education by addressing significant concerns for instance insufficient income, gender and social groups.

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With our core belief that the creation of thousands of forests starts with a single tree, we are sowing saplings at large for a clean and green environment.

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Providing basic healthcare facilities to India’s 70% population living in rural areas and struggling with mortality rates due to the high rates of diseases.

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COVID Response

Avaada Foundation takes a holistic view of its responsibility towards the society trying to touch as many groups...

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Energy Access

Electricity has the power to transform people’s lives in both social and economic ways. We have electrified remote areas.

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Transforming Communities

We are targeting emerging needs at a foundational level with our integrated development approach to contribute....

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Success Stories

Transforming Varanasi: Jayapur and Nagepur

In the heart of Varanasi district lies Jayapur and Nagepur, the adopted villages of Hon'ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi, where transformative changes are unfolding through the dedicated efforts of Avaada Foundation. Over the span of 7 years, the foundation has become a beacon of positive change, prioritizing education, health, and socio-economic development to empower the local community. Conducting thorough needs assessments and engaging closely with stakeholders, Avaada Foundation has tailored its initiatives to meet the unique requirements of Jayapur, Nagepur and neighboring villages.

Bikaner - Fostering Progress, Empowerment, and Sustainability

In the arid landscapes of Bikaner, Rajasthan, a tapestry of transformative initiatives unfolds as Avaada Foundation dedicates itself to uplifting communities across education, health, empowerment, and environmental spheres. From illuminating the path to knowledge in schools to ensuring immediate healthcare access, empowering women and girls, and contributing to a greener tomorrow, the foundation's endeavors echo the spirit of positive change.

360 Degree Inclusive Educational Model-Renovation of Government Schools

The Avaada Foundation has taken on the responsibility of uplifting education in Mathura, UP, by adopting five government schools. Notably, Lohwan Higher Secondary School underwent significant improvements, such as building repairs, infrastructure development, and the addition of essential facilities. The Foundation is providing valuable English language training, and established a computer labs with a 'Code Vidya' program. Similar positive changes were made at Lohvan Primary School, including the installation of toilets, a clean RO water system, and a safety-enhancing boundary wall. At Dhannapur, the Avaada Foundation has introduced a unique teaching method known as the 'Mind Opening Technique (MOT).


It’s great to work with Avaada Foundation. We are grateful that we can help those who are critically ill. We wish that Avaada Foundation would reach the top of the NGO sector and help more people.

Ranjit, Volunteer

Avaada Foundation is helping unskilled people for their betterment. The foundation is helping unskilled people with their skill development programs so that they can earn their living.

Akash, Volunteer

Avaada Foundation believes that children are the future of the country. The foundation is working on educating and nurturing the children to make their future better for themselves and for the country also. We are with Avaada foundation.

Mohit, Volunteer

Empowering women is one of the major steps taken by Avaada Foundation. I’m really happy to see a dedicated corporate team working toward women empowerment through their certified stitching and tailoring courses.

Rohan, Volunteer

Fortunate to have been a part of Avaada Foundation. I’m really happy to see complex work done by the team. It is the best way to help people around the country. I believe more and more people will benefit in the coming year.

Rohan, Volunteer

Community Development Certificate

How to eliminate the poverty from india

To create a tradable mechanism for channelizing the expertise and resources of the Corporate sector, to improve the outreach and impact of human development initiatives.

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Grow Forest Certification

Towards greener & sustainable future

Forests play an important role in mitigation and adaptation to climate change. Forests are considered as sink, reservoir and source of carbon.

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