Community Development

Community Development Certificate

We believe that many corporates don’t have knowledge regarding community development. Therefore, our purpose through our community development certificate is to establish and strengthen the ability of community workers.

Our primary goal through a community development certificate is to enhance the skills and knowledge for planning, implementing, and managing the activities related to community development. Furthermore, we believe it could be really great if we can introduce the consistency, productivity and other crucial values of corporates in the community development programs.

At Avaada we believe a social worker to have great leadership quality that helps in developing a better community. A leader should be proactively participating in the community enhancement works. Also, every community development worker must have few qualities that they must adopt. A Social worker should have great networking skills to convey messages across several communities. Above all, a community development worker must have a team-building spirit to group many people under a common mission.

Corporates do not always have the domain knowledge to undertake development activities. The CDC provides a mechanism for them to meet their voluntary or compulsory social obligations. For example, corporates interested in contributing to the human development agenda OR those required to spend 2% of profits on CSR, could purchase CDCs which represent verified and measured social benefits / outcomes / impact that are actually created on the ground and are observable, measurable and verifiable.

By providing a mechanism for engaging the Corporate sector in development programming, the government can mobilize additionalresources to supplement their development spending, implement schemes and meet their social targets. Engaging the Corporate sector in a Public-Private-Community-Partnership (PPCP) mode and/or creating a market-based mechanism (~ CDC) for supporting development projects can help enhance professionalism & quality in the social sector.

Our objective through the community development certificate program is to improve several communities through a community development certificate program. We can productively help the government’ mission of community development. Read the detailed information now!