Founder's Note


Mr. Vineet Mittal
Chairperson Avaada Group

"A movement to transform India with our sustainable solutions"
Avaada a name that translates in to a “Promise” believes in the ancient Indian Vedic philosophy of ‘bhoomi mata putroham prithivyah” – the earth is to be protected like a mother and nurtured for future generations. At Avaada, this is our dream. The projects we commission, the inventiveness we take on and the results we produce are all aligned to this big dream, to a promise that defines who we are. We live our dream.

At the time, when we established Avaada foundation with a transformational vision, promised ourselves to make it a most promising philanthropic organisation by enhancing the quality of people’s life. We intended to grapple with challenges faced by the poor and the marginalized sections of the society. With our unmatched spirit, we will consistently ignite millions of lives by providing sustainable solutions.

Avaada is a culmination of conducting businesses driven by higher purposes. Our socially beneficial public policy concepts like Community Development Certificate (CDC) and Grow Forest Mechanism (GFM) are well-received by the country and these programmes strides to change the world into resilient living place. In line with SDGs we have launched several humanitarian programs aimed towards women empowerment, quality education, healthcare and environment protection in rural surroundings. An organization that believes in holistic sustainable development, we have executed over 2GW of renewable energy projects and are implementing 5GW projects globally along with contributing to shaping policies for emerging economies.