Trees are the lungs of our planet but still we are cutting down them for our selfish needs. If we continuously chop down trees and do not replan, we will no longer get fresh oxygen.

 Some events organized to create awareness towards the environment are provided below:

  • Plantation and World Environment Day Celebration

In this program, a drawing & painting competition was also organized, in which 190 school children of 6 villages had participated. The theme of the drawing & painting competition was based on environment & Pollution. The winners were encouraged by giving awards, while the other participants were given a sapling of horticulture plants. A total of 150 plants were distributed.

A project affected family Mr. Nand Lal Sahu has been supported with 50 horticulture plants (Mango - 40 nos. and lemon – 10 Nos.) and orchid is spread nearly one acre of land Umarda village.

  • Tree Plantation - In the year 2010-11, 200 plants have been planted in village Dokaria, and Bujbuja and 600 plantations of different species in Barhi College, Prangan, and two guards have been appointed for the protection of these plants.
  • Environment Day: A tree plantation program was organized at the prestigious Nathu Talab in village Dokariya to commemorate Environment Day. Apart from tree plantation, the objective of this program was to bring awareness to the environment among the people present. On this occasion, people presented their views on environmental protection in front of the public community, post which 50 fruit plants were planted. About 150 women, men, and children from Bujbuja and Dokariya villages participated vigorously in this program. TD guards have been installed for the protection of the plants, and a villager has been appointed to water the plants.

Our Impact

we have Initiated many programmes that promote more greenery and endless destruction for the Healthy environment.

Saplings planted across the country
57K +
school and villages

In a time where global mean time is rising rapidly it is our obligation to save and trees, and plant more and alongwith spreading awareness on planting and growing trees wherever we can to save our environment and planet. Trees as an important part of the ecosystem and provide habitat to the birds other wildlife, provide clean breathable air and reduces the ozone layer depletion. Moreover, it also reduces carbon runoff and controls the sound and pollution.

Avaada Foundation believes that trees are an essential part of the environment, we cannot imagine our environment without them. Being a environment supporter, we care about planting more and more trees in a sustainable manner focusing on increasing the volume of planting trees to achieve Global positive change in an environment. We have initiated many programmes that promote more greenery for a healthy environment. As we believe if we plant one tree everyday there will be 365 trees in a year and double and triple in the coming years that is bounded to provide us clean environment. We want an environment where our planet is safe, healthy and happy.