Transforming Communities


Avaada foundation believes to address every issue that can help the society in building a strong Nation. With an aim to complete other social responsibilities, Avaada Foundation has initiated many programs for senior citizens to improve their condition, deliver them food and other material as per the needs of them.

We are addressing all the major problems prevailing in our country, but at the same time we forget about the other social responsibility which needs to be addressed. Many elder age people in today's world need help from their families as the health issues in old age are severe, this is the time when you need someone who helps us and who takes care of us. We have seen many families exploiting their elders and pressurizing them to leave the house. Along with The old age, there are so many disabled women and old women who are jobless or have no money for their livelihood. Moreover there are many families who are facing economic problems and cannot afford the marriage of their girls. These all are the factors which we need to consider as our responsibility towards our nation. There are also emergency natural losses that take place such as cremation, earthquakes and natural calamities which are beyond our control but we can address it and contribute to minimise the loss.

We have also identified many old and disabled women and assisted them according to their needs. Also there are many families in our nation who cannot afford to overcome their economic issues and face a huge problem when it comes to the marriage of their daughters. Taking this into consideration we have contributed to help many of the poor class families. In addition to all this there are natural losses which are beyond the control of humans, Avaada Foundation has addressed all these issues and provide assistance to the many families who suffered a loss in cremation and natural calamities. The foundation believes that help is not something that we are doing, but in fact this is something that we need to do for our society.

Our Impact

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Teaching Learning Playing materials support
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Villagers have access to clean drinking water
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Animal services

  • Arrangement of drinking water for animals: Animals are vital for the villagers, but due to the scorching heat, all the villages' ponds were dry, due to which the villagers were facing a big problem in feeding and bathing the animals. Thus, water was filled in the ponds through tube wells, due to which the animals got the availability of drinking water.
  • Veterinary Medicine: Animal diseases are usually not known to the villagers. Animals also die, due to which the villagers suffer a significant loss. Thus, the company arranged a veterinarian with an assistant for door-to-door visits in both villages every Tuesday and Friday to test and treat animals free of cost.


From the perspective of health and entertainment, sport is a powerful medium through which we can take advantage of health and entertainment, as a result of which cricket and volleyball clubs have been formed in village Bujabuja and Dokaria, and they have been promoted to both sports. A kit was provided for which brought great enthusiasm among the rural youth. Through these games, mutual harmony will be made good among the rural youth, and the villagers will get new energy.


  • Mahila Mandali / Amusement Center:: A women's congregation has been formed in village Dokaria to preserve folk art as well as teach rural women to use their free time in creative works; under this, the Mahila congregation will play musical instruments such as dholak, Harmonium, cymbals, majira provided Through which rural women will be able to preserve their folklore; Kajri, Sohar, Viyah, Anjuri, etc., as well as mutual understanding, will develop. Besides, an entertainment center has been set up in the village Dokaria on the villagers' demand, in which sports materials and books have been kept for the youth and elders.


  • Water tankers: Two tube wells have been dug up in both villages based on the massive water availability problem in Bujbuja and Dokaria and the demand of villagers; water tankers are filled through these tubes and in every area of the villages house- Drinking water is provided at home.
  • Hand Pump Improvement Work: During the summer days, the water level of the hand pump broke down due to which groundwater was not available. The company undertook the repair work of 6 hand pumps. Therefore, now the villagers are getting water without any hindrance from the hand pump. The villagers have been relieved from the water problem to some extent from the works mentioned above.

Skill Development

One tailoring training center is being operated at village Dokaria and Bujbuja. Usha International Limited, Bhopal, had registered the training center. Sewing Training Center and Certificates were provided to project affected the girls of other villages' affected/unaffected families in two sessions (52 women) by giving six months of free training on stitching and embroidery. After the training, work can be started to connect the trainees with income generation activities. After the first batch's training, the second batch was created in which 43 women were registered, and training started.

In addition to this, 20 girls of the affected families were given free training for one month of henna and kadhai for skill upgrading. Along with this, three women's self-help groups have been formed in village Bujbuja and Dokariya. These groups are constantly saving and looking for dynamic activities in which designers have been prepared on Deepawali. They have earned a net savings of Rs 27000, which was distributed to the members.

Other social responsibilities

Aged Jan Seva: The members make a courtesy visit of the company with senior citizens in Bala Bachchan Smriti Vriddhashram in Katni city. Food and other materials are provided to them as per their requirement and time. In the village Bujbuja and Dokaria, old and disabled women are identified and assisted according to their needs. In the village Bujbuja and Dokaria, a sum of Rs 5000-10000 was provided to the 105 affected / unaffected families as per the requirement to overcome the economic problems facing the marriage of the girls to the poor class families. In addition, 19 families of the project area have been provided assistance up to Rs 2000-5000 in cremation and natural calamities.