Grow Forest

Grow Forest Certification Mechanism

Forests play an important role in mitigation and adaptation to climate change. Forests are considered as sink, reservoir and source of carbon. Healthy and growing forests sequester and store more carbon than any other terrestrial ecosystem. Carbon sequestration by forests has attracted much interest globally as it is a relatively inexpensive means of mitigation of climate change.

Due to extreme deforestation, sustainable forest management has now become an issue at the international level. One of the topmost reasons behind deforestation is the nation’s developmental activities.

We depend on forests for our survival, from the air we breathe to the wood we use. Besides providing habitats for animals and livelihoods for humans, forests also maintain biological diversity, watershed protection, prevent soil erosion, mitigate climate change, provide recreation facilities, improve air quality and help alleviate poverty. The forest wealth in our country is extremely diverse as a result of the huge variation in the topography of the country. Yet, despite our dependence on forests, we are still allowing them to disappear.

Forests are irresistible, imagine a human body without having lungs, forests perform a similar function. Moreover, forests provide basic to our survival by providing oxygen to woods. Furthermore, forests provide habitants/shelter to animals also, infinite benefits to every living being by maintaining biological diversity, climate change, preventing soil erosion and more. We believe forest’s health should b the country’s topmost priority. Surprisingly, even after knowing all these facts we humans are not taking any action for its prevention.