Women empowerment is about fostering their self-respect, worth, and ability to influence social change. It's a fundamental human right for a peaceful, prosperous world where women have freedom and respect. 

Empowering Through Education:

Avaada Foundation prioritizes uplifting women and girls by providing free computer and coding education, scholarships, tuition classes, and specialized training in diya making and crafts.

Inclusive Upskilling Initiatives:

A notable aspect of the foundation’s impact is the inclusion of married women in upskilling initiatives. Spoken English classes and computer and coding centers across India have become platforms where many married women actively participate, recognizing the importance of continuous learning and self-improvement.

Economic Independence:

Beyond skill development, the foundation creates pathways for economic independence.By encouraging women, including married individuals, to join educational programs, Avaada Foundation is not just imparting knowledge but fostering economic independence.

Avaada Foundation  facilitates the sale of women's products through annual stalls in its office, offering a platform for showcasing and marketing their creations.

Stitching Centers Nationwide:

Avaada Foundation extends its impact by establishing ‘Nav Kiran Stitching Centers’ across India. In our stitching centres, women are not only taught traditional crafts but also modern and stylish items such as bags, quilt jackets, cushions, purses, and pouches, which have become valuable sources of income for them. These centers are tailored to train young girls and ladies, imparting valuable skills and fostering economic self-sufficiency.

Strategic Collaborations for Job Opportunities:

In a commendable effort, the foundation collaborates with companies, opening doors for job opportunities for homemakers with limited formal education. This strategic partnership reflects Avaada Foundation's dedication to breaking barriers and creating meaningful avenues for women's empowerment.

Comprehensive Initiatives:

Avaada Foundation goes beyond education and economic empowerment. Initiatives like 'School Chalo Abhiyaan' for girls, sessions on menstrual and period hygiene, and self-defense training workshops contribute to keeping women safe in today's world.Our programs include , Rangoli competitions, livelihood promotion like Diya making, and professional  beautician and makeup artist courses, all contributing to women's empowerment and societal progress.

Transforming Lives

In essence, Avaada Foundation’s commitment to empowering through education and skill development goes beyond traditional boundaries. It touches lives, opens new possibilities, and creates a ripple effect of positive change in the lives of women and girls across the nation.