Nothing can grow us as much as education can. Education is right for every child; it is the way to live a better life. Education empowers an individual to earn their livelihood and improves their standard of living.

Education plays an important role regardless of which country you are living and is the key to empowerment. Education not just uplift economically underprivileged masses but also helps and overcome various developmental issues. As an educated person not only helps himself but also helps society as well.

Avaada Foundation has initiated meaningful education programs that enable the individual's overall development. With the focus on child education, Avaada implements interactive and engaging education methods for poor children. Mission education is the main program of foundation where we are committed to providing basic education to needy and poor children. As education is the best place to control and address other issues such as Healthcare poverty, unemployment and human rights,

We have taken many initiatives to provide education in rural areas as well as in urban areas. We have also organised many events for the teachers to train them in a way that enables effective student learning. To ensure the regular progress of the children the coaching and guidance are imparting in the rural areas. Foundation Along with education takes care of extracurricular activities also which are essential for the overall development of human beings. These activities involve the student and motivate them and hence promote their talent also.

Mind Opening Technique in Mathura

Under its ‘Utkrishta Shiksha Abhiyaan’ Avaada Foundation introduces a groundbreaking 'Mind Opening Technique' in Mathura's government schools, revolutionizing education through interactive methods.Through this approach, we've developed various blocks, cards, and games that engage students and enhance their understanding. Teachers are receiving training to effectively implement this new teaching method.Avaada Foundation has  created colorful galleries featuring shapes and numbers related to math, English, Hindi, and science. These visuals make learning more exciting and help children improve their reading skills.

Adoption and Modernization of 3 Government Schools

Demonstrating commitment to education, Avaada Foundation adopts and modernizes three government schools, renovating buildings, constructing essential facilities, and introducing modern amenities such as clean RO water systems, computer labs, smart boards, Spoken English classes and implementation of quality education programmes in these schools.

Elevating Government Schools with World-Class Facilities

Avaada Foundation elevates government schools by providing world-class facilities and advanced technology, including 9 smart boards, to foster comprehensive student development and prepare them for a dynamic future.

Transforming Communities: Avaada Foundation's Impact on Aanganwadis in Noorsar and Bharoonkheera, Bikaner, Rajasthan

Avaada Foundation has successfully revamped aanganwadis in Noorsar and Bharoonkheera villages, turning them into exemplary models that set new standards for community welfare in rural Rajasthan.

Ensuring Clean Drinking Water with RO Systems

Avaada Foundation installs clean Reverse Osmosis (RO) water systems in government schools, prioritizing the health and well-being of students by providing access to safe and purified drinking water. This initiative contributes to creating a healthy and conducive learning environment.

Uninterrupted Studies with Off-Grid Solar Panels

Avaada Foundation installs off-grid solar panels in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Karnataka, ensuring uninterrupted studies by overcoming power cuts and promoting sustainable energy solutions.

Supplying Essentials to Schools Lacking Facilities

 Addressing critical needs, Avaada Foundation supplies regular study materials and furniture to government schools lacking these essential resources, creating a conducive learning environment.

Computer and Coding Classes for Future-Ready Children

Striving for future readiness, Avaada Foundation establishes Computer and Coding Classes in Mathura, Varanasi, and other areas, empowering children with essential skills.

Constructing Toilets Across States

Recognizing the importance of sanitation, Avaada Foundation contributes to educational hygiene by constructing toilets in government schools across multiple states.

Doubt-Solving and Coaching Classes

Avaada Foundation provides valuable support through doubt-solving and coaching classes in Jayapur, Nagepur, and all project sites, enhancing the educational experience.

Empowering Students through Scholarships

Committed to inclusive growth, Avaada Foundation offers scholarships to hundreds of students and sponsors IIT coaching for two individuals, ensuring financial constraints do not hinder their educational pursuits.

Solar Water Heaters in Yadgir, Karnataka

 Demonstrating a commitment to sustainable solutions, Avaada Foundation installs solar water heaters in Yadgir, Karnataka, promoting eco-friendly practices in educational institutions.

Workshops on Various Topics

Avaada Foundation organizes informative workshops on Cyber Security, Energy Literacy, Co-SCI-Tech  Fest, Entrepreneurship, Motivational Speeches, and Career Counselling,Rangoli Competition, On the Spot Talent Search Competition enriching the educational experience for students.

Celebrating National Days in Government Schools

Promoting a sense of national pride, Avaada Foundation actively participates in and celebrates various national days such as Independence Day, International Yoga Day, Swachchata Diwas, Hand Washing Day, Student Day, and National Girl Child Day in government schools.