Nothing can grow us as much as education can. Education is right for every child; it is the way to live a better life. Education empowers an individual to earn their livelihood and improves their standard of living.

Education plays an important role regardless of which country you are living and is the key to empowerment. Education not just uplift economically underprivileged masses but also helps and overcome various developmental issues. As an educated person not only helps himself but also helps society as well.

Avaada Foundation has initiated meaningful education programs that enable the individual's overall development. With the focus on child education, Avaada implements interactive and engaging education methods for poor children. Mission education is the main program of foundation where we are committed to providing basic education to needy and poor children. As education is the best place to control and address other issues such as Healthcare poverty, unemployment and human rights,

We have taken many initiatives to provide education in rural areas as well as in urban areas. We have also organised many events for the teachers to train them in a way that enables effective student learning. To ensure the regular progress of the children the coaching and guidance are imparting in the rural areas. Foundation Along with education takes care of extracurricular activities also which are essential for the overall development of human beings. These activities involve the student and motivate them and hence promote their talent also.

Our Impact

We paid particular attention to the education of villagers of the project area and its surrounding area, especially to create a suitable environment for education and ensure education quality.

Students benefited through our library & recreation centre
13K +
Installing solar rooftop system on school rooftops
424 +

The following activities are being done in the education area –

  • Coaching classes: Coaching classes for children of 11th and 12th children of the project affected villagers have been started, in which courses of Mathematics, Science and English have been created, in this class. Initially, 30 students of village Dokaria and Bujbuja were be given additional classes. The benefit has been received.
  • Teacher Training: Five days of teacher training for creative teaching was organized from 24 to May 28, 2011, for the teachers of Vijayraghavgarh block through the well-known scholars and teachers of the state, which the teachers and education department highly appreciated.
  • Vocational Courses: Under this, three girls of the affected families were provided admission in the GNM course (2 years), in which the company is providing accommodation, food, and fees to these girl students. Apart from this, six students from other families received ITI, three students for Diploma in Computer. Financial assistance has been provided.