Work Culture

We promote a proactive and inclusive workplace, where all employees are encouraged to take ownership of their decisions and enjoy direct rewards for their efforts.
At Avaada, team members are believed to be our most crucial stakeholders. As emphasized by our Chairperson, Mr Vineet Mittal, 'a person can positively make an impact while surrounding himself with the right people.'
Our team members are more than just individual professionals - we are a One Big Family.
"Constant hammering breaks the toughest of stones".
"When the plan fails, attitude succeeds. What you contribute is what you abundantly receive."
With every project, challenge, milestone & success, we aim to inculcate such beliefs and thoughts.

Life Beyond Work

Each member under the expanding umbrella of Avaada is seen as a potential diamond in the rough and we always create an ecosystem for them to shine their brightest. Health and happiness are of foremost importance.

Some of the activity sessions offered are:

  • Health & Fitness Sessions driven by Yoga
  • Sessions on 'Happiness & Inner 'Peace'
  • Recreational Camps for Team-building & Leadership
  • P Participation in CSR camps & special drives
  • Cultural & entertainment activities throughout the year

The power to create your future

When the change you seek is accompanied by a purpose, you love what you are doing. At Avaada, we value those who live a life of purpose. We respect those who go the extra mile to create a change they want to see in the world. Over the years, we have contributed to change the renewable energy sector in India. Our diverse group of employees are constantly ideating and works towards translating path-breaking ideas into reality. Every employee at Avaada exudes positive energy and their energy makes our organization one of the best places to work.

The best, invites the best.

An organization is known by the people who work for it. At Avaada , we know it well. We look for people who are inspired by our purpose and who has the drive to make the world a better place. We invest in attracting, developing and retaining ambitious individuals who are dynamic and committed to excellence.

We envision Avaada ’s name to be at the top of any employee’s list of “The Best Organizations to work for”. When you join us, you will gain exposure to the latest and best technology, challenging projects, exciting career and learning opportunities with value added experiences.

Our exceptional training and talent management strategy will ensure that your potential is recognized and harnessed to catapult you to the greatest heights of success.

Contributing to the society

Avaada believes in giving back to the world; whether it is though our environmental initiatives or through empowering the local communities.

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, we run a program titled ‘Pay It Forward’. It gives our team members an opportunity to help members of underserved communities across the country. Under this program, they fund, support and often spend time to conduct skill training and impart training to marginalized communities.

Till date, our employees have worked across ten major Indian states to expand the impact of these initiatives.

Being a part of Avaada is a complete experience. We invite you to be part of the team.