Utkrisht Shiksha Abhiyan


Avaada Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Avaada Group, India’s leading integrated energy group with diversified business interests has introduced a unique initiative called 'Utkrisht Shiksha Abhiyan' to instil moral and social values among students at schools in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. This unique initiative, having been implemented in ten schools in the region during Education Week, was attended by more than 4000 students. The program is curated and designed in such a way that it focuses on teaching beyond books for students through motivational sessions cum activities by using projector slides.

The program was implemented in ten Rishikesh schools and was attended by more than 4000 students. The program aims to lay the foundations of Indian values at a young age, ensuring youngsters can learn and practice Indian traditions, values, and culture in everyday life. 

In launching the program, Avaada Foundation Trustee Ritu Patwari stated that Shri Vineet Mittal, Chairman of the Foundation, believes that every human should repay the debt of his parents, society, culture, saints, and sages, and nature through their noble work toward society.

In today's world, education for children extends far beyond the school context. Some folks believe that a child's personality is an inherited trait that cannot be formed or fostered. This is not truly the case. Everyone in our society is required to get an education, but not everyone goes above and beyond what is necessary due to financial constraints. 

To address these challenges and establish inspirational classrooms, Avaada Foundation has taken the lead in promoting Values-Based Education among Youth through the launch of Utkrisht Shiksha Abhiyan, which is based on moral values beyond classroom education and focuses only on teaching how to make a living. With changing times and erosion of values, education based on India’s rich tradition will benefit society. 

The students were spellbound by the charismatic delivery style of Dr Arun Bhardwaj, which included interactive activities and storytelling powered by a unique blend of modern research and ancient wisdom. The emotional connection achieved quickly was evident from the quality of questions students were asking him about their day-to-day learning challenges, peer pressure, and anxieties about their future. The candid exchange of thoughts created many moments of smiles, laughter, and tears of joy; Dr Bhardwaj went on to say that the program's purpose is to encourage students to reach their full potential and teachers to teach to change lives. 

Our Impacts

This unique initiative, having been implemented in ten schools in the region during Education Week, was attended by more than 4000 students.

Students attended the
4000 +
Implemented in schools
10 +

Ms Lalita Krishna Murty, Principal of NDS, was so overwhelmed and touched by the program that she said Utkrisht Shiksha Abhiyan is a research and evidence-based program that has been carefully compiled to enhance the learning experience. It is a one-of-a-kind synthesis of ancient wisdom, neuroscience, and cutting-edge research. To empower youth to live happy and successful life, the program is delivered through experiential activities. 

Avaada Foundation has organised and introduced this program for students at Saraswati Vidya Mandir, Modern School, GGIC Rishikesh, NDS, Delhi Public School, Rishikesh Public School, Nirmal Gyan Daan Academy, Doon International, Bharat Mandir Inter College, DSB International School.

Avaada Foundation organised Utkrisht Shiksha Abhiyan garnered a massive response from students, teachers, and parents. Avaada foundation will organise another program for students, teachers, and professors of GLA University Mathura and other schools in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh.